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Tcl-Eiffel: A GUI Extension to SmallEiffel

by Joachim Bergmeyer <>

Eiffel is an object-oriented language with a distinct focus on security and correctness expressed in the principle of "Design by Contract". SmallEiffel is a free implementation of this language covered by GNU Copyleft. Tcl-Eiffel is an extension to SmallEiffel intended to fill in the missing support of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) by providing a connection to the wellknown Tcl interpreter and Tk library. This is done by implementing a socket for SmallEiffel and linking an Eiffel program to Tcl/Tk via a socket connection. Tcl-Eiffel itself is free software with the same license as the standard library coming with SmallEiffel.

1. Intentions

2. How it works

3. Overview of current state

4. Resources

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